AI Talents in Strong Demand in HK

Pen Kwok

In the face of repeated epidemics and uncertain economic prospects in Hong Kong, in order to enhance competitiveness and save costs, all walks of life are actively conducting digital transformation and investing in various new technologies, including Automation, Cloud Computing, AI, O2O, FinTech, eCommerce, etc. The demand for IT talents in the market continues to increase. Human Resources consultants say that demand is particularly strong in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


In fact, AI is widely used, and large and medium-sized enterprises have begun to introduce AI to improve work efficiency, or launch new products to seize market share. Statistics show that the annual growth of demand of AI talents in the past five years has reached more than 70%. Whether it is a start-up company, or a large enterprise or even a technology giant, they are all vying for AI talents.


Some job seekers may feel that they have no relevant experience or qualifications, so they do not dare to join. In fact, as long as they have been exposed to relevant projects and understand the basic application framework, they can have the opportunity to enter the industry.


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Author: Pen Kwok

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